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Relief Breathing problems & Asthma Attacks – Healing Gemstones Bracelet


Relief Breathing problems & Asthma Attacks – Healing Gemstones Bracelet
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Relieves Breathing problems & Asthma Attacks –
Healing Gemstone Bracelet
Rhodochorosite, Rhodonite, Malachite

RHODONITE - Cleans burdens and disturbing feelings.
Helps keep you grounded and balances the emotions.
Heals the heart from past emotional wounds.
Keeps you calm during difficult times.

MALACHITE – Absorbs your pain. Said to aid
cases of
arthritis, vertigo, strengthens
the immune system.
Releases toxins. Helps with emotions and
processing information.

RHOOCHROSITE - Great STONE for asthma and respiratory problems, migraines and blood pressure. Stimulates the circulation, blood pressure,
and kidneys.

Also helps to balance emotions and relieves stress.

Price: $  14.99 

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