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USB 8 MG Set With Carnelian Chakra Gemstone


USB 8 MG Set With Carnelian Chakra Gemstone
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Friendly Handmade pendant / Key chain
set withe Carnelian Gemstone
contains USB Flash Drive Charm 8-GB Samsung
Carnelian Chakra Gemstone 14 mm Jewel
Unusual Unique gift

Also comes with a beautiful 60 cm chain

A beautiful polished Carnelian 14 mm set on a round plaque
The stone is of the best quality with a natural flowing design.
Carnelian is a feminine stone and it is beneficial for fertility,
the blood, the liver and lower back problems.
This stone helps you in daily life, awakening
motivation and love of life, inducing a desire to succeed,
increasing creative curiosity and bringing you closer to
success in work and in making a career.
It softens tensions and dispelling anger


Price: $  19.90 

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