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Balancing excess energy and concentration problems

This essence is intended for treating concentration and memory problems. It improves the ability to study, learn and think. It promotes hormonal balance and positive thinking (instead of Ritalin). The essesence is suitable for children with excess energy, and concentration and attention disorders, with or without hyperactivity.

It simulates the growth hormone and brain cells, and improves blood circulation to the brain. It balances hormonal and sensory activities. This natural essence can increase the chances of improvement and even complete recovery.
Chemical formula: Ca2(BOOH)5) /SiO4+ SiO2 + CaCO2 + K(Li,Al) 3(Si,Al) 4O10(OH,F) 2
Essence usage instructions:
Drip 4 drops under the tongue 3 times a day, before sleep or when you feel the need. Can be mixed with drinks. Can be used as often as desired every 2 hours until improvement is felt.

Price: $  32.00 

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