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Dr. Gavrielov (Gemology and Behavioral Sciences), a specialist in diagnosis and healing using crystals, has extensive and proven international experience.
Dr. Gavrielov's extensive experience has resulted in her standing as a senior
and sought after lecturer, and as a guest lecturer at leading universities in
Europe and the US.
She returned to her Jewish roots after a meeting with the greatest
 man of our generation,
the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who recommended that she combine holiness with her
occupation through
use of the earth's treasures – crystals, Hoshen stones and gemstones.
Dr. Gavrielov turned the Rebbe's advice into practical instructions for daily life.
From that moment her personal life underwent transformation. She maintains a religious,
orthodox way of life and integrates it in her occupation, based on her desire to apply the
Rabbi's advice
and introduce holiness into her occupation. With that goal in mind,
She diligently studied and researched the secrets of the stones and crystals in
religious writings, in the Talmud,
the Midrash and commentators. She is currently one of the only researchers,
perhaps the only one in the world,
to have discovered the combination and links between science and faith,
as it is realized in precious stones.
Dr. Gavrielov is currently renowned as the leading authority in the field of stones,
their use and their healing properties, based on the deep understanding of the
elusive correlation between mental and emotional balance and physical illnesses.

Dr. Gavrielov uncovered ancient methods of diagnosis and healing to attain wholeness and
expand awareness,
and as such, with the help of G-d, she diagnoses, treats, helps and solves the health
problems of thousands of people suffering from physical, spiritual and mental problems,
and does so with the utmost success.
In addition, Dr. Gavrielov conducts workshops in positive thinking based on Judaism
and the teachings of our blessed sages, and also teaches and trains dozens of
practitioners in the fields
of alternative medicine who have adopted her stone diagnosis method.
These students praise her teachings and agree that Dr. Gavrielov's diagnosis method,
based on her religious and scientific knowledge, provide an X-ray of the body and soul.
Dr. Gavrielov has trained dozens of practitioners,
and many of her students currently use the professional know-how they
acquired under her guidance in treatment.

Dr. Gavrielov has also studied nutrition, and after undergoing an impressive personal experience,
and experience with members of her family, she has gradually enlarged the circle and began
conducting courses and workshop in comprehensive health based exclusively on natural products:
completely natural nutrition supported by stones and stone extracts (also all natural!).

Over the years, Dr. Gavrielov has developed off-the-shelf remedies in her natural apothecary:
kits of Hoshen stones that create a winning combination for solving a wide range of problems
(click to see a list of kits). She has also developed energetic extracts made of stones to solve
numerous health problems
(click for details).

All extracts have Kosher certification by Rabbi Landau and the Rabbi of the city of Bnei Brak. For questions and advice,

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