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Cleansing, Usage and Application


Cleansing, Usage and Application

Cleansing Stones
One of the most common methods used to cleanse stones before use is to wash them for two minutes in running tap water. In order to empower the process, it is best to concentrate and wish, with G-d's help, that the power the Almighty instilled in the stones will be of help and benefit. After rinsing the stone, it is recommended that the stone be exposed to external sunlight for at least 3 hours, in order to enable it to become charged. This basic step leaves the stone ready and charged with renewed power and energy for efficient and fruitful use. The purification process should be repeated once a week.

If you feel the "need" to cleanse the stones, be attentive to your intuition and do it.
The principle of the therapeutic process is interaction between you and the stones. There are stones that absorb and stones that emit. During the cleansing process, the rinsing frees the stones from energies that have adhered to them. Rinsing the stones cleans them of energies that they have absorbed during usage, and exposure to daylight recharges them with fresh powers.

There are various methods of usage of stones, and the energetic connection with stones can be made in many ways. Inlaying of stones in jewelry is a popular and ageless method that enables us to keep the stones close to our bodies. Some people put their stones under their pillows, while some keep a small bag of stones in their bags or purses. Other people prefer to scatter stones in different locations in their homes – on the microwave to disperse radiation, next to their beds so they'll have sweet dreams and refreshing sleep, and some also put stones in their cars to protect them on the road. For various usages, it is advisable to use natural fabrics, and avoid synthetic fabric. For example, you can make a sack or bag out of natural cotton and use a safety pin to attach it to the inner left part of your undershirt / bra at chest height.

Stones are sometimes used daily, for an hour an a half divided throughout the day, and sometimes they are used to prepare a crystal drink. To prepare crystal water, place the stones in a transparent glass cup, cover them with mineral water and leave for 24 hours, and then drink the water. Note: not all stones are suitable for preparing drinking water.


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