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Terms and Conditions
1. General
1.1 Welcome to the virtual store “Dr Gavrielov Gila”
1.2 The store is operated by “Dr Gavrielov Gila”
2. Use of this site is subject to the following detailed conditions:
2.1 Your purchase through this site indicates your agreement to all the conditions that are included in these regulations.
2.2 Furthermore, you as an internet surfer, and /or anyone your behalf, will not have any complaints or claims neither directly or indirectly against the site and/ or the organization and /or anyone on their behalf, for any transactions that you performed on this site.
2.3 For this purpose, the meaning of “transaction on the site/use of the site,” is surfing on the site and /or purchasing products and /or ordering through the site.
2.4 To be eligible to perform a transaction on the site, you must be 18 years or older, or be considered a legal entity, lawfully bound and registered according to the laws of Israel. You must have an email address on the internet and be the owner of a legal, valid credit card.
Details of the user:
3.1 When performing a transaction on the net, the user is required to record the following: Personal ID number, or V.A.T. number, first and last name, name of company, telephone number, address, zip code, email address and details of payment.
3.2 Submitting false details is a criminal offense, and legal steps will be taken against anyone doing so, as well as prosecution against damages that are likely to be caused to the site and/or organization and /or anyone on behalf of, due to such action and a complaint will be served to the Israeli police department for fraud crime.
3.3. The site team will do their utmost to protect the personal details that the users submit, and these details are ensured against theft or illegal access to the site and/ or any damage that might be caused to the user as a result of this.
4. Details of Credit Card
4.1 Details of the credit card are manually transferred to the credit company by us.

5. Ordering
5.1 After making an order, a first notice confirming receipt of order details will be sent. Please note: this confirmation does not obligate the site team and/or anyone on their behalf to supply the ordered products. It indicates that the order details have been received by the system.
5.2 Only after the examination of the credit card details has been completed, and the credit card company has given its approval of the purchase, will the order be considered as official and its delivery process begun; on condition that it is in stock.
5.3 The site team will make every effort within its ability to ensure that the products that are displayed on the site are found in stock. In case that any product is out of stock, an appropriate notice will be sent to the email address given during the ordering process.
5.4 The order will be sent to the customer by registered mail  EMS  to the address given during the ordering process.
5.5 Time of delivery is from 7-14 working days from the day of the bank confirmation of the credit card transaction.
5.6 In case that the shipment gets lost in the mail ( that is to say, that the shipment does not arrive within 30 work days after being sent), another shipment will be sent as soon as possible by registered mail.
5.7 The web site does not carry any responsibility for delays in supplying products as a result of events that aren’t in their control (for example, non working days, strikes, problems with computer systems or telephone systems and/ or communication systems, problems with the electronic mail, acts of hatred and /or Providence, illness, earth quakes, weather, etc.), events that negatively affect the completion of the purchasing process and/or in maintaining delivery on time.
5.8 The prices appearing on the site are the final consumer prices.
5.9 The product price as well as the handling and shipping charges may change from time to time. The valid price for the order will be the price advertised on the site at the time that the order is made.
6. Returned products:
6.1 The customer is permitted to return the purchased product if in new condition and packed in the original wrapping, along with the original receipt within 30 days of receipt of the product.
6.2 Returning the product will be carried out by registered mail.
6.3 After examining the returned product, the person’s credit card will be credited with the amount of the purchase, less the shipping charges, or the product will be exchanged for another product at the same value as agreed between the sides and after receiving a detailed request from the customer.
6.4 In case it is found that the returned product is not in new condition as when shipped to the customer, the credit amount given will be equal to the realistic market value of the returned item.
7. Rights of the Producer
7.1 The rights of the producer and the intellectual property in designing the site, the graphics, and all other materials included, are the sole property of the owner of the site. Do not copy, or distribute, or display in public or transfer to a third party any part of the above without first receiving a written approval in advance by the owners of the site.
Privacy and Security
The website team attributes great importance and takes all the necessary steps to preserve your security and privacy.
The website team guarantees that it will not use the information stored on its servers in any way that contradicts the accepted practice of electronic transactions and will not make it available to any third party.
As an additional security measure we verify each credit card transaction in order to prevent misuse of the credit card.
Our security measures include:
Secure Order
In order to keep the information you provide while ordering private, we use advanced encryption technologies.
We use RC4 encryption when saving the information in our database, and SSL 128 bit encryption when you make your purchase.
We also keep the IP address used when a purchase is made, so that if a fraudulent attempt is made, we can immediately report it to the authorities.
US Phone No 310-7740591

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