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Crystal Healing Essences


Welcome to the Stone Apothecary - remedies created for us by nature and its Creator

Introduction: crystal essences made of Hoshen stones and their derivates,
mixed with the water from the Jordan River
First of all, it is important to clearly state that essences have no side effects whatsoever, and do not include chemical ingredients. The essences are remedies based on the frequencies of Hoshen stones. These essences function based on the wave length of the pure concentrated minerals that builds the gem stones.

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We are aware of the huge impact of emotions, attitudes and thoughts, and their effects on the biochemistry of our physical body. Hoshen stone essences are used to help us heal ourselves in a wonderful and natural manner, and are based on the principle of energy frequency healing, that helps each one of us remove undesirable attributes, such as cowardice, indecision, lack of self confidence, and turn these into positive traits: courage, self love and love of others, power and strength.

Essence: the natural, inner and real property of every object. The properties that turn each and every object into what it actually is. The internal content of every remedy. A liquid that has the properties of that which it contains (Definition of Essence from the Chambers Dictionary for the 20th Century)

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What does Frequency Energy mean?
Everything in our universe vibrates at its own unique speed. Each and every molecule vibrates at its own unique frequency. We experience these vibrations as light, color, heat, inanimate objects, and sometimes we experience the vibrations that surround us, directly or indirectly, as sounds, electrical fields.

Quantum physics is based on the surprising discovery that the smallest particle of matter, that was previously considered an inanimate solid, is actually made up of compressed vibrations and frequencies, which are called packets of energy waves. Our bodies are also made up of these packets of energy waves with an electrical mechanism that reacts to frequencies in our environment. Our nervous system, like an electrical system, reacts to the fluctuation of vibrating frequencies.

We sense and react to crystals, feel the energies of the Hoshen stones, their types and history, thanks to their perfect crystal structures that emit very clear and concentrated frequencies. Most crystals have perfect geometric shapes that perfectly demonstrate the order in our universe, bless G-d. Not only do crystals emit perfect and fixed frequencies, they transmit concentrated energy, each stone according to the dominant mineral it contains. Sometimes, when we use gemstones, we can feel the energetic reactions, with each family of stones emitting frequencies with their own special lengths that create frequencies that are typical only of a specific stone, just like a fingerprint is unique to each person.

Hoshen stone Essences:
A liquid that contains the frequency energy of a specific stone or combination of stones. An essence and its properties can balance any electrical imbalance in these systems based on proper and precise preparation, and with the help of G-d, we can bring the stone's energy content into our energetic system and to our benefit.

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How are gemstone essences prepared?
In general, gemstones are usually immersed in filter water or mineral water for a certain period of time, (we use water from the Jordan River) so as to enable the stone to radiate and emit its frequencies into the water. The process is usually performed in daylight, but some stones and processes are performed in moonlight to use other energies the universe has been blessed with. The result is called the mother essence – the first, concentrated essence.
In order to preserve the quality of the essence over time, the essence is given time to balance. This is usually done with the help of the stone's geometric shape.

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Our Technique for Preparing essences from Hoshen Stones
These essences were prepared based on scientific knowledge from a laboratory in Russia, lots of hard work, many years of experience and the blessing of G-d.
This is an innovative, beneficial and effective invention. These tinctures are privately produced. The liquid used is water from the Jordan River, that was carefully collected and then underwent special filtration, and the stones were selected meticulously. Next, they were "connected" using an "imported" scientific technique. They enjoyed the brilliance of the sun and light of the moon, at certain angles and specific times, to ensure the optimal, most effective results. Emphasis was put on the ability to transfer the energetic frequencies of the stones, with their own personal imprint, into the pure liquid. The process was conducted in natural surroundings, with plants, crystals and various rocks, in a pleasant atmosphere of prayers and harmony. The connection and combination of stones was very carefully chosen. 
The result: a wonderful composition of a pure, Torah based, scientific, concentrated and affective essence.

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For the wellbeing and health of patients

In order to preserve the quality of the product, do not touch the bottle dropper (pipette). If the dropper comes into contact with any material or surface, rinse it well in purified water. Keep your bottles out of direct sunlight. Our personal addition, with the help of G-d, is active stones that are pure and original in every bottle, that continue the frequency energy of the potions and keep it at its best forever.

Existing tinctures in use:
All the tinctures are certified as Kosher by the Rabinate of Bnei Brak, by Rabbi Landau.
Soon new tinctures, that are currently in advanced development stages, will be available for use.

Useful advice:
It is best to use the essence three times a day.
It is advisable to continue taking the essence for one month, and if necessary even more. If you have an essence intended for a certain condition or situation, one that helps you overcome a certain problem, you can use it when necessary to prevent the problem and to overcome it. Wishing you health and success!

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