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Cyclic Solution


Cyclic Solution
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Cyclic Solution
Period pains – and how to treat them  PMS
Pre-menstrual Syndrome – every woman is familiar with it.
Actually, PMS refers to a long list of symptoms that affect
many women before they get their monthly period. Among them are:
lower back and lower abdominal pains, headaches,
swelling and congestion of the chest area, depression,
nervousness & anger, short temper, mood swings, general weakness, etc.
In order to regulate and adjust the energy flow in the body,
warm up our body's energy channels and improve liver & kidney
functioning that is related to the womb, the ovaries and the entire hormonal system,
we should get some feedback from "Breastplate Crystals" and their products,
with possible results that surpass even those of conventional
medications made of chemicals, with their undesirable side effects.
The Breastplate Crystals (those worn on the High Priest's chest) are
famous for their ability to affect a woman's body on a number of levels:
On the energy level, they encourage correct and appropriate
energy flow in a woman's body, strengthening her inner organs.
Thanks to these renewed energies and their free flow,
the body is able to overcome menstrual pains more effectively.
On the physical level, this formula improves the blood circulation,
thereby preventing a state of 'jamming' in the blood system, resulting in pain.
This formula also helps to create a feeling of calmness and relaxation,
making it easier to handle the unpleasant feelings that accompany those
delicate times in a woman's cycle of life.
Period pains make their appearance on a regular monthly basis,
disrupting your daily routine – but don't let this happen.
Complementary medicine offers various techniques that are
proven to be highly effective. Treating yourself with the
Breastplate Stones/Crystals makes it possible to handle these
pains efficiently and healthily.
Give your body the right treatment it needs, by using this formula,
and make the challenging days of your monthly period more
pleasant and much calmer than ever before.
Price: $  32.00 

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