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Health Extract for men!


Health Extract for men!
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Health Extract for men
This essence is intended to treat male functioning. Products based on chemicals are perceived as the ultimate solution for improving your sex life – but is this true? No!  Natural ingredients, which improve sexual functioning to the same extent, are now attracting a lot of attention because they carry no risks.
The Health Extract for men is a natural essence made of crystals that is historically renowned for rejuvenation and improved sexual functioning. It has received numerous certifications as strengthening virility and sperm count.

Since older men seek sexual stimuli and since the prostate is the location of common problems – there is much interest in natural essences that are well known in alternative medicine as a reliable remedy for these types of problems, as supported by controlled clinical studies.
Chemical formula: K(AISi3O8) + MnSiO3 + SiO2x4 + Cr + AL2O3

Certified Kosher by Rabbi Landau and the Rabbi of the city of Bnei Brak.
This essence is based on ancient and renewed knowledge that has been tested and proven to help and heal, and has become an integral part of a variety of body-soul-spirit therapies.
It is natural, with no side effects, and most importantly – it works.
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Numerous studies conducted have proven, without a shred of doubt, that the chemical content of this essence does indeed change behavior, cause improvement in problematic emotional conditions and provides solutions for a wide variety of phenomena that afflict us and impact negatively on our quality of life.

All shipments are mailed in discrete packaging and sent via registered mail.

Price: $  32.00 

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