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How do I choose a crystal


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How to choose a stone that's right for me

When we stand in front of a large selection of stones and try to let our intuition guide us and select "what we feel like", we are actually choosing the stones that attract us, that call out to us, and sometimes smile at us. We choose the stones that are pleasant and pleasing to us, that stimulate us, and some people can even feel their fingers tingling…

So, we select what we are – body and soul – what we want and desire. When choosing a stone, our brain translates the colors of the stones into energy, and so, a color we seemingly chose at random is exactly the color we need!
The diagnosis process we conduct for ourselves is amazing and wonderful, since it often leads us directly to the real and primary reason behind our problem. No more painkillers that suffocate the pain and leave it there, leaving things sealed and bottled up inside us.

Often, conventional medicine helps us treat various types of pain, yet few people understand that the pain we feel is only a symptom whose purpose is to warn us about the real problem.
By choosing a stone, we are capable of diagnosing and leading ourselves directly to the root of the pain, while understanding and identifying the real reason at the heart of it. Over time, you learn to listen to the stones and establish a connection with them, and then the energies grow infinitely and become so much more pleasant and effective.

For example, a person who is currently suffering from asthmatic problems will intuitively choose Rhodochrosite that facilitates breathing. A person who finds it difficult to concentrate will be attracted to the Tiger Eye stone that will improve his concentration, etc.

Summary: Actually, it is the stone that chooses me, according to my condition at the specific time


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