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"No More Pain" [עבר לי] – "What a Relief" [עזר לי]


"No More Pain" [עבר לי] – "What a Relief" [עזר לי]
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Components of "No More Pain" [עבר לי] – "What a Relief" [עזר לי]

Cold-pressed olive oil from the Yehuda District oil presses
– enriched with extracts and oils of herbs grown in Israel and
the breastplate crystals and "their derivatives" (see Rabbeinu Bechaye,
Shemos 28 Tetzaveh
). The energetic frequencies of the highly
concentrated minerals in the crystals are absorbed by the oils.
An extraction of herbs picked from the mountains of Jerusalem,
Carmel and Galilee. Their medicinal properties are renowned,
mentioned already in ancient as well as modern literature as well as
in the Rambam's writings.
Properties: Used as a natural anti-biotic, a unique blend with
numerous therapeutic properties known for their high efficiency in absorbing pain,
healing muscles and bones,
bolstering the immune system as well as acting as anti-inflammatory.
Anti-fungal, pain relief, for treating burns and irritated skin,
also suitable for softening the skin inside the mouth and in other sensitive apertures of the body.
Effective treatment for cuts, scratches, eczema, dry and cracked skin,
fungal infections in the feet and between the toes, dry lips, mouth sores.
For women at the prenatal stage – Great for stretch marks on the abdomen.
During labor – for oiling and increasing flexibility of sensitive apertures
After birth – reviving limbs, muscles and skin rehabilitation
Speeds up and improves recovery and rehabilitation process
Use: Apply a generous amount of the "No More Pain – What a Relief" mix a few times daily.
Price: $  52.00 

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