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Our satisfied customers tell their stories 
satisfied customers' testimonies

Dr. Gavrielov – thank-you letters from customers & their family
(To protect privacy, full names & other identifying details were withheld.

Customers' personal data is kept always strictly confidential, even when requested for recommendations. In most cases, the stories are completely authentic, without any factual changes, except where deemed necessary to protect privacy.)

Sara Y. writes:
I want to thank Hashem for having directed me to Dr. Gavrielov. I heard about her from my neighbor, and thanks to her "safe pregnancy kit", after 3 miscarriages and an early birth of a 'preemie' in the 7th month of pregnancy, I had a full-term, healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.
I also want to thank you, dear Dr. Gavrielov, for helping my son, David, who was deeply troubled by his ADHD problems. He suffered even more from the Ritalin that he was given, with extremely uncomfortable side-effects. For the past year, my David is taking only your essences for improving his concentration and attention span, as well as the essences for improving memory. In addition, he uses regularly the crystal kit for reducing tension and another kit for improving his concentration and attention span.
What really excites me is the fact that we don't need to keep buying medication; it's enough to cleanse [purify] the crystals once a week, and they are as good as new. Beyond the tremendous improvement in his condition, the saving of costs is quite significant for us.
When we met you for an evaluation, I was so worried about David's condition and his misery due to the Ritalin that I only complained about that. But straight away, as you were evaluating him, you asked me if he had any respiratory [breathing] problems. I was amazed! Since his infancy, David has been having spastic attacks, especially when the humidity in the air was high, and his breathing difficulties, particularly at night, used to weaken him a lot. Now, David is using 2 crystals that you gave him to treat his respiratory problems, and Baruch Hashem we literally forgot that he ever had any such problem. Also, David feels much stronger.
Thanks again!

Hi, everyone!
My name is Miriam Rabinowitz, and I highly recommend that you should schedule a meeting with Dr. Gavrielov, if you have children with ear conditions. Any type of problem related to their ears, including ear infections or an indication for insertion of tiny tubes into the ear-drums to drain excessive fluids ("buttons" operation), or sensitive ears that tend to over-secretion. It was simply Hashgacha Pratit (Divine Providence) that led me to read an enthusiastic recommendation by someone from Ashdod (T. Finkelstein) in the Hamodia medical advice section, just when our ENT specialist suggested inserting tubes in both ears of my six-year-old son. I was quite concerned by the possible complications of such an operation, according to my sister (who is a qualified nurse). I decided to try Dr. Gavrielov's ear kit and bought one for fifty shekel. Although the sincere recommendations that appeared in a regular article, not a promotional ad, I was quite skeptic and found it hard to believe that such a problem could be solved with a 50-shekel kit of crystal stones, when a doctor gave us a definite recommendation for an operation. Well, after 6 months of a simple, easy-to-follow nightly routine, we went to the ENT specialist for a check-up, and he thought that he had the wrong card in front of him. My son's hearing showed great improvement, having reached the normal level. The doctor informed us that there was no need for any operation, as simple as that!
Since then, I've recommended Dr. Gavrielov's treatment for ears to many of my friends, neighbors, and even to our ENT specialist… with enthusiastic responses!
Thank you, Dr. Gavrielov, we offer our warmest recommendations!!!

Yehudith L. from Neveh Monson writes:
I was expecting my second child with much trepidation, being under the continued trauma of the epidural injection that I got with my first birth. I was looking for a natural solution. Someone told me about Dr. Gavrielov, and she introduced me to her amazing "Easy Birth Kit".
I'm now after an easy and pleasant birth, and I thank Hashem and Dr. Gavrielov that revived the usage of crystals, justly calling them: Hashem's Medicine!

Moshe B. asked us to publicize his personal story:
Moshe opened a textile shop on Bialik Street. He really wanted to find success, and his Rav sent him to Dr. Gavrielov, with the instructions of buying 2 kits: One for success and plentiful income, and the other for protection against ayin hora (the 'evil eye') and other evil forces. Moshe used both since day one. He hung up the kit for protection against the main entrance to the shop, while the other kit (for plentiful income) was placed inside cash register. Baruch Hu U'varuch Sh'mo!!! (Praise to G-d!) The cash register regularly fills up; it's tried and true.

Rabbi R.Y. from Bnei Brak, a veteran mohel also testifies to the effectiveness of the amazing crystals:
My name is R.Y., and I'm a mohel. As much as I didn't like to, I was used to postponing a bris due to jaundice. But now, the bris can be done on the eighth day, just as our Torah commands us – since I've been using the Gavrielov kits for lowering jaundice in newborns. By the eighth day, the bilirubin leven is down to normal, and not one single bris had to be postponed! I'm not the only one to use this kit on a regular basis. There are other rabbis that use and highly recommend it. They all report safe results, without any exception…
The treatment is so simple and easy: All you have to do is attach one crystal to the jaundiced baby's wrist, and one to the opposite foot ( ankle), using a plaster. After a day or two, the jaundice begins to disappear, with the baby's skin regaining its healthy, rosy look, indicating that he is ready for the bris, b'sha'a tova!

S.T. writes:
My name is S.T.; I live in El'ad Mazor, and baruch Hashem I'm the happy mother of six cute, healthy children. But still, is there such a thing as a family where no-one ever gets a runny nose, a sore throat, coughing…? And then, antibiotics are given on a regular basis. I've always looked for something to use instead, something that is natural, without any chemicals, something that wouldn't make them so weak, while really boosting my children's immune system. My aunt, L.Z., who was learning by Dr. Gavrielov about using crystals for evaluation & treatment, brought me a "natural antibiotics" kit of the choshen stones, and what can I say? Baruch Hashem! After two weeks, I asked her for three more identical kits. The great advantage of these kits is the fact that you can cleanse [purify] them and use them again on another child; however, I wanted to be able to treat a few children at the same time, using crystal waters. It was really evident that the children were growing stronger and healthier, with less colds, etc. I offer my warmest recommendation! Thank you, Dr. Gavrielov!

Thank You, Hashem – and thank you, Dr. Gavrielov
An immunization & booster kit is something that every home should have, regularly available… I can tell you how it saved me a few times already. My name is Yonah, and my husband went through "mono" (mononucleosis). As everyone knows, this makes you terribly weak, and the recovery is a slow process. My sister went to a lecture given by Dr. Gavrielov, where she bought this kit for us. I didn't really believe that a fifty-shekel kit could be so effective! My husband used it for two months, and his condition kept improving steadily, from one week to the next. He was very careful about purifying the stones once a week, and it wasn't long before he was back on his feet. Two months later, he joyously declared that he never felt so full of energy! This manifested itself in everything: At work, in his daily walk in the park, his ability to spend time with the children after work, involved in energetic games, etc. We purified the kit, with the intention of putting it away in our medicine cabinet. But then, my mother came down with pneumonia, and the kit was sent to her promptly, with the hope – that came true!! – that it would help her overcome this illness and resume her daily routine. After that, we purified it again, only to use it with our 16-year-old Yehoshua that had a complicated surgery. The operation was successful, thank G-d, but he still faced a few weeks of recovery…
And all of this for only fifty shekel!

Dear Dr. Gavrielov,
I would like to thank you. With the two kits that you gave me after an evaluation at your clinic, I feel like a new man. I use your kit for improving my mood, and the kit for avoiding depression, and now I can smile, I function normally, I enjoy my family and life!

Dr. Gavrielov!
I'm getting married soon, and I want to invite you to my wedding. Your kit for finding my bashert, along with the kit for protection and self-confidence did their trick… and HOW!!! You told me that you used to give the kit for a shidduch, saying: "Take it, and don't forget to invite me to your wedding…" But then, you started getting so many wedding invitations that you decided to change it to, "use it with good luck!" However, maybe you will agree to come, just to my wedding?.... It's amazing how four stones, for really a minimal price, can give you such a feeling of confidence and an ability to communicate freely and interact with others with so much ease.

Dear Gila,
Do you remember me? It's nine-year-old Sigal from Be'er Sheva. I wanted to come and tell you about my "dry" news, but Imma said you live too far, and that I can write you a letter. How great it is, that I can take a kit for "dry nights" and what fun it is to get up in the morning without any "icky" smells and a wet bed… So I'm telling all you kids that are in the same "boat": Just take this kit for dry nights and then you won't have this problem that I used to have anymore. I'm so happy…






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