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What does stone diagnosis


What does "stone diagnosis" mean?

The wonderful thing about stone diagnosis is that it is very scientific,
yet also very faith based. Results are thorough and identify the reasons behind the problem,
and not only the bottom line, as is often the case with conventional medicine.
How is the diagnosis conducted? Our body is divided into energy centers.

Each energy center has its own role. When we suffer from a lack of energy or obstruction of energy,
our mind receives a sign in color. Color is the way our mind translates the energetic frequency..

We stand in front of a box divided into cells, with a different type of stone in each cell.
Seemingly, we chose the one we like, but actually our selection is driven by the color sign in our mind.

This explains our side of the selection process. And now for the stones… these are Hoshen stones, their history and derivatives, as Rabbi Bachai wrote. These stones are different from all geological stones in the universe. They contain the same minerals we have in our body. Each mineral causes the stone to be of a different color, and now, we close the circle:

If we chose a stone that is indicated by our mind, and the stone's color is set by its mineral, then we are actually choosing the mineral we need. Thus, as a result of the diagnosis process, we can give the patient the right stones for him/her, that will help the patient solve his/her problems or pains. It is very important that a person chooses his/her stones themselves. It is possible that several people will suffer from the same phenomenon, but each for a different reason causing this phenomenon, so it is best that each patient receive a different solution that will help him/her.

Example: a headache is a problem from which many people suffer, and it is caused by a variety of different reasons. In one patient, the cause is mental stress, and therefore, in addition to stones that very effectively absorb the pain, the patient will receive stones that will help him attain a state of reduced mental stress, stones that will help him remain calm and relaxed in the same situations that used to cause him stress. Thus, the help he receives is real and effective. Not only do the headaches disappear, but they do not reappear because he has received treatment for the real problem, and not only its symptom. We did not give him painkillers, but focused on the reasons for the headaches and treated them.

Another patient may suffer from headaches due to problems in his digestive system. Recurring constipation may cause headaches, and it is clear that the root cause must be treated. The patient will receive treatment that will return his digestive system to a balanced state, and will enjoy two benefits: the end of constipation and of headaches. Another case of headaches may be caused by intraocular pressure (pressure behind the eyes). Obviously this requires different stones – stones that will balance the condition of the eyes, and in this specific case will also result, with G-d's help, in the disappearance of headaches. Another classic example: depression. The symptoms seem the same, but the causes are completely different. When a person takes anti-depressants, they neutralize the depression for a while, but because the root causes were not neutralized, at some point in time the problem will recur. On the other hand, if the root cause is identified, which this method of diagnosis does, we will discover, with the patient, which energy center is in need of balancing.

In a certain patient the problem may be in the emotional area, and may require treatment in order to create balance. In another patient, the problem may be due to profusion of thoughts or a constant flow of troubling thoughts. Obviously, a different set of stones will be required to create balance. The root causes in some cases are completely different, and may originate in a "far off place", in the sub-conscious, or from nearly forgotten childhood experiences that surface once in a while, in which event their aroma is enough to cause depression or melancholy. In these cases, diagnosis is especially important, because we clearly see how to get to the bottom of the problem. The patient feels that the medication is just diverting attention from the problem.
Even if he requires medication, it is worthwhile to also undergo a diagnosis process, and based on its results to treat the causes of the problem. In numerous cases, patients receive stones and their condition improves so drastically that the conventional physician gradually reduces the dosage of medication


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