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FACING CHALLENGE (Difficult Circumstance)


FACING CHALLENGE (Difficult Circumstance)
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FACING CHALLENGE (Difficult Circumstance)

Rhyolite,  Jasper, & Tiger's Eye are a special combination
of stones known for the ability to help you constructively
work through disparaging life challenges.  Additionally,
Tiger's Eye helps you to deal with change &  overcome dilemmas.  
Rhyolite,  helps you formulate a plan, while reminding you that
"chaos precedes transformation".

Jasper, It helps to clear and open the chakras,
Helps cope in all areas of life stimulates the mind,
and helps with understanding It helps to connect
between emotional and rational levels.
It helps to develop a wider concept and provides
capabilities for deeper studies.

20 Stone 8 mm Each. Bracelet Size 7.5
These bracelets are made from genuine gemstones, each bracelet
was created for a particular health, emotional or spiritual need.
The variation of gemstones and their colors create harmonious
vibrations that enhance the stones power and it
is ideal to wear throughout the day.
Price: $  32.90 

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