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Pill Box Snuff Box pendent


Pill Box Snuff Box pendent
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Pill Box Snuff Box pendent Waterproof Single. Sterling Silver.
for Outdoor Travel Camping Handmade

Silver pill box and secretive personal items artistic Pendent Handmade.
artistic secretive Pendent Handmade.
♥A multifunctional jewel
Sea Coral- Organic Gem
Comes with a beautiful silver chain3mm thick and 50cm long
♥Possible to get with Amethyst gem, Lapis Lazuli's gem, turquoise gem and few others.
Inspired by findings of archeological excavation from the Bezantique era in Caesarea.
The jewels of the Caesar-the emperor.

The 12 mm gemstone organic Coral,

The Gem is used as the cover of the box and it opens with a screw.
Friendly and easily!
seated in a setting of Sterling Silver soldered in a floral pattern.
Vintage-style intricate silver handiwork!

Sea Coral promotes creativity, passion, romantic love,
Wisdom, optimism, and enthusiasm.
It can be used to reconnect with nature and its variety
of wonders. Coral also attracts love and prosperity,
and inspires creativity and optimism.
Emotionally, coral brings inner peace, strength,
and understanding of purpose. Physically, coral is used
for general healing, blood, and circulatory system issues.
♥Handmade with love from the artist
♥Comes in a fancy gift box

Price: $  180.00 

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