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Rare Pendant Snuff Bottle. / Perfume/


Rare Pendant Snuff Bottle. / Perfume/
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Rare Pendant Snuff Bottle. / Perfume/ Snuff  Spoon - Sterling Silver 925
Set with a smiling gem Ruby. A useful Spoon is attached inside

On sterling silver charming chain. 

This gorgeous pendant Snuff/perfume miniature bottle, 
is hand made by our talented artist, 
inspired by a flower in our back yard tiny garden. 

That's how it has a unique "flowery" design
The gem Ruby set in the center, is considered powerful
with curing and healing qualities. 
It brings contentment and peace. 

Place under the pillow , it may ward off bad dreams. 
So, as to receive the life force and have protection. 
Given as a gift, the ruby is a symbol of friendship and love. 

The ruby is also the symbol of vitality and royalty 
The Ruby is a female's best friend: 

For safe pregnancy and for easy labor as well. 

Love Stone! 
Gives courage, brings out the best potential in a person, 
and helps sexual love to be more passionate. 

Item Details;

 Hand made artistic work
 comes in a gift box. 
 Dimensions 28mm. radius. 
 Snuff/perfume bottle sterling silver 925.100%
 weight 32gr.  
 10mm natural ruby central piece pendant set in sterling silver. 
 Necklace length; 45cm-weight 19 gr. 
 Traceable shipping. 
 Express shipping upgrade available
Artistic work

Comes in a gift box

Price: $  239.00 

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