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Remember the Lord Artistic handmade work


Remember the Lord Artistic handmade work
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" Remember the Lord Artistic handmade work"

"Thou shalt remember the Lord thy God:
for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth,
that he may establish his covenant which he aware unto thy fathers
)Deuteronomy 9:18(

An exuisite artwork made in sterling silver segments delicately carved.
This beautiful artwork depicts a past-century Temple within a hand-carved wooden structure.
In the center of this wonderful artwork the verse is calligraphically written upon a
Torah-Book shaped parchment.
"This masterpiece of art is original, unique, and one of a kind. I invested
In it a lot of thought, time and spirit"-says the artist, Arie Gavrielov, with a smile.

"I worked on it more than three months. The wood is crafted by me, by hand,
and the sterling silver work is especially fine and delicate. I was inspired by the
Jewish tradition, and life of Jewish people along history. The wooden frame is inspired
by an antique Holy Ark in a synagogue, that burned completely during the p
ogroms and riots in Lita, in the year 1815. The sentence that is sawn and cut
down from silver, is from the "Torah" and it gives me inspiration and energy for
all my art work. The papyrus is a very fancy and fine one it is primped especially for
"Sofer Stam"and was written by a biblical scholar writer. It contains the blessing that
God blessed use in"Parashat Behukotai". It is mentioned in the book of the
HRASHASH that it is the best to own this blessing and keep it in a central
place in your house to guard and keep from theft, disaster, calamity, catastrophe,and misfortune.
I recommend investing in this one of a kind art work-for, no doubt, it will always be a conversation piece. It's worth the money!!"
Dimensions: height 45 cm, width 30 cm, depth 10 cm
Price: $  4,700.00 

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