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Stories and examples of treatments-Essences


A.T. – Evening kollel yungerman
I have a regular daily schedule: Every morning I go out to work, to support my family, and in the afternoons I learn in a kollel that's in my neighborhood, close to home. After a difficult day at work, I find myself unable to grasp the material and feel as if I am wasting my time. As everyone knows, in order to learn gemorah you need to fully concentrate. I decided that it was impossible for me to continue like this, and as the saying goes: A person is led in the path that he wants to take: During one of the shi'urim in kollel, I noticed one of the lecturers holding something that looked like a semi-precious stone in his hand and rubbing it between his fingers every once in a while. I asked him what was it was all about, and he told me that he finds it difficult to concentrate and remember whatever he learns in the evening. I was surprised to find out I wasn't the only one with such problems, and promptly asked him what, how, where, etc. He referred me to Dr. Gila, and I was happy to learn that in addition to the crystals there are also elixirs made from the stones that work the same. Personally, I find it is easier to use the elixirs. Now, I arrive at the kollel happy and relaxed, with my head where it's supposed to be and my memory intact.

R.T. – High-school student
Usually I'm quite a good student, and generally speaking I like learning. However, I've noticed that when I come home and sit down to do my homework, I don't quite remember what we learned in school. This is really frustrating, since I listen to the teachers in class. In the recent PTA meeting, the teacher told my mother that she simply could not understand why I don't attain better grades, when I really listen and participate in class.
It was very important for me to take care of this problem without delay, since I also consider my social status a significant issue. We tried looking for a solution, until we discovered the natural elixirs made from the stones of the choshen [the Kohen Godol's breastplate]. It was nice to find out how easy and convenient these elixirs were with a few drops under the tongue three times a day, and – presto! The learning material is absorbed much more clearly, and it is easy for me to remember and handle even difficult stuff. The elixirs also helped me with my level of concentration, and now school has become a positive experience for me.
D.M. – An intelligent young man
I'm 28 years old, and I keep hearing from everyone around me how talented I am, what great potential I have, and how I can make it in life.
To tell the truth, I really have plenty of ideas, and many times I wanted to do something, to turn them into reality, but without any success. Just talk and more talk, but no action!
I'm quite close to Dr. Gila, and so I asked her if she had any crystal or remedy for me, something that could help me turn my great ideas into concrete reality. Her enthusiastic reply was affirmative. She told me about the elixir called "Ability to Develop and Blossom Spiritually".
Since then, things with me have started moving…
M.L. – A young man about to get married
I'm happy for the opportunity to tell people the story of my shidduchim saga. I'm sure that there are plenty of other bochurim with the same problem. I have halitosis; that's 'bad breath'. This is something that people prefer not to discuss, but you can't avoid the reality where people cut their talk with you short and would rather you said a few words and then closed your mouth…
This is how things went for me, also as far as shidduchim were concerned. Any girl that I met rejected me and wouldn't give me another chance, no matter what. I felt I had to do something. I bought all the expensive toothpastes, but they helped only for a very short while. I found myself brushing my teeth every two hours, but even then, things were very much borderline… The situation became so embarrassing, that I chose not to speak, gradually becoming isolated from my friends and avoiding any social contact.
I was looking for some medicine that could improve my situation long-term, so that I could stop being enslaved to brushing my teeth a few times a day.
Well, finally, my mother went to a lecture by Dr. Gila, about the choshen crystals, and bought the elixir for "oral hygiene", for a relatively small sum (compared to all the money that I spent till then). I was happy to hear about a natural remedy that I hadn't heard of yet, and straight away started to use it, without any hesitations, simply spraying into my mouth. You have no idea how everything has changed…. Thank you.
V.P. – 12-year-old girl
I'm a little embarrassed talking about something that is so personal, but I feel a great duty to publicize and recommend the treatment that I tried and really helped me. Before using the elixir for calming a sensitive and irritated stomach, every day I would lie down in bed and writhe in agony. Often this would affect my learning. Almost anything that I ate used to cause me so much pain. I felt as if my stomach were doing somersaults and taking my entire body for a ride.
My mother was afraid I might have an ulcer, but she couldn't understand how such a young girl could have such symptoms.
Good friends of ours told us of a method that uses the choshen crystals for diagnosing health problems, something that touches the root of the problem, not merely treating the symptoms.
I came to Dr. Gila Gavrielov for a diagnosis. I was amazed to discover that the few crystals that I chose revealed my condition so accurately! I felt transparent! Just like an x-ray of body and mind.
Dr. Gila warmly recommended the elixir for balancing out the stomach, in addition to 2 other elixirs that induce calmness and peace of mind. My teachers were surprised to see me turn into a calm, attentive and patient girl.
I thank Hashem for having created inanimate objects that can revive a human being.
D.R. – a timid and inhibited woman
Your Health and Vitality elixir really helped me to open up in my relationships, and to feel that everything is possible.
I don't have to feel so tiny and withdrawn, but I can 'go with the flow', and learn how to enjoy life.
I'm so happy that I came to know of this elixir. Since then, my life has been totally different, much happier.

M.N. – 40-year-old and feeling worn-out
I'm happy for the opportunity to share my story with other women that doubtlessly feel the same as I did, but never talk about it.
I have 6 children, they should all be happy and well, and my husband and I are raising them with simcha and nachas.
My daily schedule is so busy, that sometimes when I go to bed, I feel completely exhausted. Consequently, our marital life is quite weak, and we have relations rarely and without any enthusiasm.
My husband kept asking me what happened, what was wrong, what's changed between us, but I always calmed him down, saying that the problem wasn't with him, but my overburdened schedule.
After some time, I decided to take the initiative and try to improve the situation. I looked for a natural, kosher medication in various clinics, until I discovered this elixir that was made especially for women, with a hechsher mehudar by Rav Landau.
Since then, my night-life has become a satisfying and positive experience.

G.Y. – needs some refreshment
My husband and I have a very good intimate relationship. We talk about everything, we know how to laugh and be happy, in short: Everything is just great.
Lately, I noticed that I'm less enthusiastic about having relations, unlike the past. I noticed that everything seems regular, boring… I needed something new!
My neighbor told me about her 10-year-old son, who for some reason was still bedwetting. She took him to Dr. Gavrielov for a diagnosis, and was given crystals and elixirs. She said that Dr. Gavrielov had a whole pharmacy full of remedies for different problems related to body and mind.
I asked for a phone number to call the clinic, and she gladly gave it to me.
I called the clinic and told Dr. Gila's secretary about my problem. She said that she was sending me in the mail the elixir for women's health and vitality.
This is the time and place to say THANK YOU! You've changed my life.
N.G. – My mother is over fifty and complains about dizziness
My mother is 58 years old, and lately she started having all kinds of strange complaints: Dizzy spells, heat spells, etc… It was difficult for her to accept the fact that she had reached menopause, all the time looking for other reasons to explain these symptoms.
A friend of mine is learning with Dr. Gila Gavrielov, and she buys a lot of different elixirs and crystals that are good for various health problems. Since the course began, she has been telling me about the wonders of these elixirs.
At some point, I thought to myself, maybe the time has come for me to ask for an elixir that is good for the menopause symptoms. My friend told me about a great elixir called "A Time to Blossom" that does an excellent job.
My mother was a little skeptic, but started using it nevertheless, without any further questions. She's seen an amazing improvement!

C.K. – Menopause phenomena
I've known Gila for years, and with time I've learned that I can always take preventive action. So, before any emotional or physical transition, I ask her advice about what I should take.
As soon as I had the first 'sniff' of Menopausal symptoms, I bought "A Time to Blossom", the special elixir for the mature woman, and started using it regularly. I'm happy to report that after I started using it, I felt no symptoms whatsoever. Now I can honestly say that this time in life can be called "A Time to Blossom"!
I'm 35 years old, and for a long time I've been suffering from lower back pain. I tried all kinds of pain-relief methods, but they only helped for a short time, and then the problem would come back.
Someone gave me Dr. Gila's phone number, and I called her and asked her advice on the phone. After a few minutes' talk, Gila recommended to me the pain relief elixir.
I was pleased to hear that this elixir, made with crystals, helps the body absorb the minerals, making it possible to get rid of the root of the problem after a prolonged use.
Also, this is effective in relieving other types of pain, and can be used for different problems involving pain and discomfort.

A natural pain-relief medication
Gavriel M. was aware of the fact that the number of liquid Optalgin drops that he took was steadily increasing, from day to day.
He felt that he was addicted to chemical pain relief medication, that the pharmacies were making a very nice living, and that he was destroying himself.
His colleague at work used a pain-relief elixir made from the Choshen crystals to treat a painful knee, and the small flask caught Gavriel's eye… What Divine Providence… Gavriel switched to the Gavrielov pain-relief elixir, and he is really pleased with the results. And guess what… he is steadily using less and less…
A.S. – PPD (Postpartum (postnatal) Depression)
I went through my last pregnancy relatively alone. At the time, my husband's business was thriving, and he had to travel abroad. My postpartum adjustment wasn't easy, to say the least, especially since I also had to take care of the older children at home.
I went through a crisis, and when my husband came back, he found a wife and home that he didn't recognize. Naturally, he took over, leaving me to take care only of the baby; however, it was clear to me that I must find treatment for my condition. I felt that it was essential for me not to take any medication that might cause an addiction and/or strange side-effects, and with great “Divine providence” I found Dr. Gila Gavrielov's clinic.
After a focused diagnosis, using the crystals, I took home a few bottles of Gila's elixir for Courage, Determination and Confidence that really helped me create positive, optimistic thoughts, overcome my difficulties, remove the fear and accumulate courage.
Shortly afterwards, I fully recovered, without any detrimental dependency on any medication whatsoever!

D.A. – 6-year-old and afraid of the dark
Every evening, when I went to sleep, and the time came for turning off the lights, suddenly I would get so scared: I started seeing scary shapes of people and dogs that wanted to eat me up. The darkness was terrible!!!
I decided that I would sleep with the lights on, both in my room and outside, because even the dark from outside was really scary.
My mother didn't know what to do with me. She felt that it was an impossible situation: Every night I'm terrified, the lights are on in every room, and there are other people living in the same house!
And then, one evening, before going to bed, my mother gave me the elixir for Courage, Determination and Confidence, and asked me to try it. I laughed at her, saying that it seemed like a stupid thing to do. But in the end, my fear was stronger, and I started taking this elixir regularly.
I can't even describe the change in me.
N.R. – a teacher-in-training
During my last year of training as a high-school teacher, I really enjoyed preparing the lessons that I had to teach in my class. I would invest a lot of creative thought in them, wanting the lessons to be interesting and out of the ordinary.
But every time, like a film that repeats itself, as soon as I stood in front of the class, my knees would feel weak, and a strange fear would overcome me.
I couldn't understand how was it possible, that after preparing so thoroughly for the lesson, when I stood in front of the class, it was as if I didn't know a thing!?
I looked for a cure to my problem in numerous places, and after searching high and low, I was introduced to the crystal elixirs. The Courage, Determination & Confidence Elixir is just what I needed.
I'm really happy that I chose a completely natural approach to treating my problem, and also that the minerals in the crystals are absorbed in the body and work on the root of the problem.
E.T. – My friend became a pessimist
About two years ago, a good friend of mine went through a terrible divorce.
We live in a close-knit community, and everyone tried to cheer her up.
Slowly, very slowly, she recovered. However, apparently due to her great suffering in the years that she lived with her husband, she became a pessimist, someone that is not so pleasant to be around. Whichever way I tried to approach her, she convinced me how difficult life is, failing to see the good side. I really pitied her, since she used to be such a happy, smiley person, and I missed it.
I turned to our local Rabbi, and he referred me to Dr. Gila Gavrielov.
Indeed, I met her and she recommended the essence that helps avoid excessive worrying and promotes positive thinking.
Looking back, I can't believe the tremendous change that overcame my friend – she simply started living!
G.D. – overburdened with concerns
Currently, I'm going through a really hectic time: Our daughter is getting married in two months' time, I have a demanding job and naturally my dear family that I have to nurture and take care of.
I know that all of these are good things, and that this is really "positive pressure", but I'm simply busy-busy-busy, all day long, finding it impossible to complete my tasks properly. My mind is constantly engaged in thoughts, and this disrupts my daily functioning.
I contacted Dr. Gila's clinic, and she said that she would send me the special elixir for avoiding excessive worrying and promoting positive thinking.
Now, I've developed a realistic, optimistic view of life, with a heightened ability to discern, prioritize and departmentalize
C.L. – I felt like I was worthless!!!
I'm 20 years old. At this age, a person should be closer to self-knowledge and finding their way in life that will help them achieve self-fulfillment. However, I feel as if I have no talent, no ability to give my life momentum…
Many acquaintances keep asking me, why don't I get involved in… and I just don't understand what they are talking about. How can little me spread my wings and fly?
My mother, who was beginning to get worried by my lack of self-confidence, went to get some counseling, and she brought me an elixir that helps build up self-confidence and positive love of self.
Since then, I'm a new person. I know my place and I believe in myself…
H.L. – primary school pupil
My 12-year-old daughter is overweight. Aside from the issue of her health, she also suffers through humiliation in class.
I took her to a dietician, but it didn't help, since she failed to stick to the diet that the dietician recommended.
Her home teacher suggested I call Dr. Gila, saying that she knew about crystals that can help with maintaining a diet.
Gila explained to US that the elixir made with the crystals helps to curb the appetite, ensuring that it would be much easier for her to keep to the diet.
We bought a few bottles, to make them last for a long time. Indeed, the diet became much easier and simpler to follow.

An end to overweight
How easy, for a change, to maintain a regular diet, with the help of the appetite curbing elixir!
I comfortably got rid of the 5 excessive kilos that I had.
With my thanks and recommendation, Y.R.
A.E. – Primary school teacher
During the current school year, I felt as if I couldn't enter the class anymore; my work was wearing me down, and I felt that I deserved a double salary, for teaching  a borderline special-needs class.
What do I mean by "borderline"?
I'm a third-grade teacher, with more than 3 kids in my class on Ritalin – the popular medication prescribed to any child that is a little more than usually mischievous.
I don't have to tell you about the detrimental side-effects of this medication. Ritalin takes away from the child his good side as well. Sometimes, these children just stare at me with such apathy, as if I were simply air. They start daydreaming, and then it's like talking to a brick wall. Some mornings, when the mother is a little more harried than usual, she forgets to give them the pill, and then I can forget about teaching, assuming the role of a soldier in the battlefield instead.
About a month ago, our school organized an advanced study seminar for our teaching staff. Among the lecturers we also had Dr. Gila Gavrielov that told us about crystal therapy and how beneficial it is for both physical as well as emotional problems.
After the lecture, I came up to her and told her of my problems in class, and she immediately offered me an elixir for excessive energy, attention disorder and lack of balance, from her wide range of essences. She also explained the unique benefit in using crystals, in that the mineral is absorbed by the body, making this treatment much more thorough, without any side-effects.

B.N. – a full-time mother
I have a 10 year old son that has become a really untidy child, what we call "a balaganist (untidy)"! His school work is deteriorating, his siblings are always mad at him, and often so am I… The teacher really asked me to see that he gets some kind of treatment, since things simply can't go on like this. One thing I knew for certain: I'm not giving him Ritalin, no matter what…
Thankfully, by word of mouth, I heard about the elixir that replaces Ritalin. We didn't waste any time and tried it out, thinking that we had nothing to lose… Thanks to the Almighty, we started seeing real improvement, and our lives improved immeasurably.
K.M., a 22-year-old young man, preparing for his wedding
Shalom! During my pre-wedding classes I was shy and introverted. I listened to the Rabbi that was teaching me the proper halachos(Jewish laws) and practical instructions, but I didn't dare to open my mouth and ask questions. It all seemed to me as if the subject was too sensitive, something you are not supposed to discuss. Gradually I realized that I was losing out on a lot of information, because of my reluctance to pose questions. The Rav, noticing my shyness, referred me to Dr. Gila Gavrielov, telling me that he sends many grooms that find it difficult to adjust to their new reality, and that she provides them with the cure to their problems.
The way from my Yeshiva to her home is really easy, so we set a time that was convenient for both of us and I went to see her. Without hesitating for a moment, she recommended the Health and Vitality Elixir for Men, saying that it would also help with being open in my married life. I tried it and I was astonished to discover how it opened up for me a world that I was too scared to enter.

D.S. – 32-year-old divorce
I've been divorced for 5 years. I'm getting remarried soon. My first marriage left me with a minor wound regarding marital life. My wife was always complaining, never satisfied with our relationship, so now I really hope that everything will turn out fine. I tried to look up a website on health, something that offers solutions to various problems, since I also suffer from insomnia, due to my worries and fears. I found Dr. Gila's website and discovered different remedies, and it was really Divine Providence that led me to discover the elixir for men, in addition to the elixir for restful sleep. This gave me a lot of confidence and happiness.

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